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With extensive experience and capabilities we are dedicated to delivering proven manufacturing solutions that empower you to achieve your business goals and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Our talented team of designers are at the forefront of the latest trends and we are constantly pushing the boundaries by developing new cutting-edge materials and production processes. Piranha has the knowledge and resources to ensure that you stay ahead of the competiton.


To establish ourselves as the leading global manufacturer of garments, bags, sandals, and accessories, setting the benchmark for innovative fabrics and pioneering eco-friendly materials.


To achieve all of the design and production goals to support your customers with quality product and reliable delivery. We are fully committed to being your go-to manufacturing partner for market success.

Piranha is an industry leader and the most trusted name in OEM garments and accesories. Experience the confidence that comes from working with the best.

With our full OEM-Service and apparel manufacturing solutions, Piranha is truly committed to supporting your business and exceeding all expectations.

Insourcing with Piranha Is infinitely better than outsourcing anywhere else!

Piranha's robust internal controls ensure that our production quality consistently surpasses your customers' expectations. We go above and beyond by providing valuable constructive feedback to support your strategic decisions. Additionally, we take all proactive measures to safeguard your product designs, strictly controlling access to our production floors and refrain from operating a sample room. Moreover, we protect you fruther by not featuring your products or referencing your brand as our buyer anywhere online.

Proven Competitive Advantages

Reinvestment in our invaluable team, manufacturing equipment and innovative production processes help set us apart from others in the industry.

Piranha Production Team

Our quality production is largely a reflection of our highly skilled employees' pride in their work and meticulous attention to detail.

Comprehensive Value Chain

We have forged strategic alliances over the past two decades with Thai mills to co-develop new fabrics and provide our buyers a superior alternative to China.

We Prioritize Your Success!

Piranha cares about you and your brand, we demonstrate this through our renown manufacturing quality, quick turnaround and trusted communication.

Laying New Foundations For Piranha

Get To Know Our Top Management Team

Originally a domestic manufactuer facing competition from overseas products, Thomas boarded a plane to Taiwan and never looked back. His entrepreneurial journey led to many different enterprises producing fabrics, garments, footwear and accessories. From these adventures an extensive manufacturing expertise in many industries was gained with an overriding experience on what works. He has owned leading manufacturing operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Portugal and Sri Lanka.

As a lifetime waterman growing up surfing and sailing, when Thomas is not in meetings or on the production floor, you can find him at one of the amazing beaches here in Sri Lanka. On behalf of Piranha, I look forward to answering any queries about our operations and discussing how we may best assist you with your requirements.



Rob is a very experienced manager from Scotland and has held general management positions up to full profit and loss accountability with organizations operating multi-million-pound turnovers. He has excellent project management, analytical and continuous improvement skills. Rob also holds Post Graduate qualifications and is certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, MOST certified and GSD trained with excellent technical knowledge of manufacturing knit, woven, performance and structured apparel.

In addition, Rob is a highly experienced and qualified industrial engineer with many important achievements while working with large UK retailers. He is also a Fellow of Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Management Services. A strong team leader, Rob believes that the best long-lasting results are best achieved by the team.


General Manager

After completing his post graduate degrees in Economics and Finance, Chris became involved in the water filtration industry. Working closely with a team to develop propeitary equipment to incorporate NASA's patented water purification technology into consumer hydration products. Today he monitors the many exciting developments in the textile industry and makes contributions to the weaving and knitting mills in Thailand. He has also applied his background in fashion and photography towards shaping our website and communications.

When not overseeing our accounting and new product development teams, Chris enjoys photographing wildlife while treking, cableski wakeboarding, skating, and painting in his free time.



Marshall grew up in Thailand, after finishing his studies in Business and Computer Science he returned home to Thailand and aquired valuable experience by working in our production facilities. Prior to relocating our manufacturing to Sri Lanka, Marshall was charged with overseeing production, logistics and human resources. He was also instrumental in replacing our Chinese suppliers with Thai and Sri Lankan resources. He is fluent in several languages including Thai and is now based in Sri Lanka where he works closely with Rob on the production floor.

After work, Marshall enjoys going to the gym and water sports. He loves it all, especially kayaking, windsurfing and sailing, so if it involves the water, you can count on him to be there.



Visit Piranha and Experience Paradise:

The Royal Kingdom of Thailand

Piranha's warehouse and the Mills that manufacture our materials and trims to your specifications are located in Thailand. 

Sri Lanka: The Jewel Of Asia

Piranha's two in-house production sewing facilities are in Sri Lanka. Our strategic equity-alliance facilities for headwear, sandals and embroidary are situated nearby.

Discover Sri Lanka

Let's discuss how we can best support your next project

Choose Piranha as your trusted partner, and experience the confidence that comes from working with an OEM that prioritizes your success. Our talented team is ready to discuss how we can assist you in surpassing your goals and achieving the results you desire.



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