Some of the many different accessories we make include:

Quality OEM and ODM garments:

Organizer and Wallet


Beach Towel


Decals and Stickers


Bottle Opener


Some Accessories We Have Made: 

OEM Accessories We Manufacture: 

Organizer and Wallet

Organizer and wallet constructions in bifold or trifold with zippered compartments and spaces for cards and personal items. Available in polyester with embroidery, leather with embossing and straw. Closures include snaps, Velcro and zippers when needed.


Belts are made from leather and webbing. Leather belts are produced with embossing and sewing treatments. Fabric belts utilize thick webbing in jacquard weaves or accented with leather trims with optional embroidery or screen printed treatments.

Beach Towel

Made from different weight cotton and come as jacquard towels where designs are woven in with one side of the loops sheared. Printed towels are sheared, and printing is done with an impact printing press. Beach towls can also be constructed and sewn into carry bags.


Our sunscreens have up to an SPF 50 rating and provde protection from harmful UV rays. We off hydrating sunscreen gel or creme and lotions that provide enhanced protection outdoors. Sunscreen sticks make reapplication effortless throughout the day.

Stickers and Decals

Stickers and decals can transform any surface into something new. Your customers can personalize their gear with branded stickers or style their cars with larger decals or wraps. Made with polyester or vinyl materials and come with adhesive protective slick paper.


Many shapes and materials are used in a wide array of key ring designs. From leather bobs to sewn fabrications. We also offer customized injection concepts such as mini surfboards, sandals and other shapes made with a stainless-steel key ring and sold in packages of 4 dozen.

Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are made with stainless steel as the integral component and the crafted into an easily held item that can be part of another product. These vary in size and design in accordance with customers ideas.

Bottle Koozies

Koozies for bottles or cans are made of several materials. Main constructions are utilizing neoprene rubber with screen printing. Other designs include nylon or polyester water proof fabrics with foam insulation and Velcro closures.

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