Some of the hats that we design and make include:

Quality OEM and ODM hats, caps and beanies:

Baseball Cap

Trucker Hat

Flat Cap

Bucket Hat

Boonie Hat

Straw Hat



Selection Of Hats We Manufactured: 

Piranha Manufactures Your Hats, Caps and Beanies: 

Baseball Cap

A soft hat with a rounded crown and stiff brim made from natural fibers to synthetics. Brim shapes vary from flat to rounded, front panel perfect for showcasing embroidery or printed designs. Various back closures from Velcro to snap designs are also available.

Trucker Hat

Trucker hats vary from baseball caps with their broader, usually flatter brim and mesh back panels. Truckers also feature a prominent front facing panel that can be worn backwards. They can be designed with comfortable head lining and constructions with form-fitting patterns. 

Flat Cap

Flat cap constructions, originating in Britain, feature a small stiff brim and round cap. Crafted from heavy wool, these hats provide excellent warmth in colder weather. What sets them apart is their distinct construction, without the need for embroidery or prints.

Bucket Hat

A bucket hat has a loose-fitting top with a small downward facing brim that provide some protection from UV rays as well as rain. Constructed using cottons, polyesters and blends, buckets can be designed with a reversible construction featuring both a print and a solid.

Boonie Hat

Boonie hats are similar to bucket hats but feature a wider and stiffer brim made of soft, foldable construction offering more protection from the elements. They can be secured with a chin strap and are constructed using brushed microfibers or ripstock nylons and polyesters.

Straw Hat

Our stylish straw hats like the beach lifeguard provide strong sun protection. Piranha first pioneered the use of straw for baseball caps over 20 years ago. By utilizing several unique natural reeds and excellent weaving we are able to produce exciting and natural straw hats.


Sun visors are popular for outdoor sports and beach activities, offering valuable UV protection while keeping the head well-ventilated. We can produce visors in a variety of materials, including straw and fabrics. The banded crown and visor also provides endless design possibilities.


Beanies are knitted headwear that come either cuffed or straight. Different yarns offer thickness and weave constructions from solid to jacquards. Often embroidered these are constructed in our wholly-owned factory with inhouse knitting machines.

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